Come and enjoy a wonderful day with all your family in the Finca El Cartujano:
A great equestrian show led by Salvador Sanchez with more than 15 spectacular Cartujanos horses in more than 6 numbers: High school dressage, Amazona, sevillanas and alegrías between horse and bailaora, a cobra (handling of mares linked to each other), tandem, doma vaquera with garrocha etc.

Then free time: we can visit the stables, take pictures with riders and horses, caress them, touch them. The great facilities of El Cartujano and the treatment given to the animals make them very balanced and their behavior is very calm even surrounded by people.

We can also have a beer or a refreshment in our terrace bar or play minigolf for free.

Barbecue dinner opens the doors of our restaurant in the trophy room of the Sanchez family. A dinner with homemade ingredients and barbecue.

The lights go out and the fabulous flamenco show begins: Cantaor, guitarist and two bailaoras will play around 55 minutes: Soleas, alegrías, fandangos, sevillanas or guajiras will delight our customers to finish all, including the most valiant customers, dancing for Rumbas.

And until here came Spanish night, greetings to the artists and back to their hotels... Surely they will repeat.

All the public are welcome, even the youngest who enjoy the farm playing mini-golf or visiting the stables while their parents enjoy the table or a beer listening to the sound of the Andalusian countryside.

And Forget Your Car !! We have free bus !!

Our horses are born, raised and tamed exclusively by the family, thus obtaining horses of great beauty, nobility and elegance so characteristic of the horse cartujano.Ademas the treatment received and the ample facilities make that the animals are very balanced being able to touch them, to caress them and to mix with them.